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becca and steve in front of the company sign

L4 Wood & Metal is owned and operated by Steve & Becca Ludlum in Vail, Arizona–just outside of Tucson. We take pride in our work and love creating hand crafted custom items.

We offer plasma cutting, welding, and laser engraving services including custom wall art and signs, laser engraved cups, mugs, and bottles, metal landscape art, and so much more. 

steve and becca working at a computer

When an order is placed, you’ll be working directly with us from invoice to pickup. We work together to brainstorm project ideas, invoice customers, and tackle the workload. Though our average turnaround time for a project is 7-10 days, we also accommodate rush jobs as needed.

Our most popular items are here on our website, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg–we stay busy plasma cutting industrial parts and metal signs, engraving gifts for Realtors and awards for local businesses, and fulfilling promotional orders. Keep an eye on our L4 Wood & Metal Instagram account where you’ll see our custom orders.

Ready to start? Contact us at [email protected] to begin planning your project today!

Thank you again so much for such a beautiful class plaque! The staff and class love it so much and we are all so happy with this beautiful memory.


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